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Battiston Homes Ltd. is a Home Building and Renovation firm that has been creating quality homes throughout the Greater Vancouver area for nearly two decades.  We bring unsurpassed quality and attention to detail to all our projects at a fair and transparent cost to our clients.  Our approach has always been to provide personal, hands-on customer service with a focus on open lines of communication between our clients and ourselves.  To find out more about who we are and how we are different from other luxury homebuilders and renovation contractors, please select from the menu above.


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低调奢华, 您唾手可得 (AFFORDABLE  LUXURY )  

巴蒂斯通之家有限公司是一家家居建筑和装修公司,已在整个大温哥华地区建造高质家居近二十四年。我们的所有项目既是精益求精和品质方面无以伦比的杰作, 也同时保证价格的公正和财务方面的透明公开。我们的做法是始终为客户提供亲自动手的个性化服务,专注于保持和客户之间沟通渠道的畅通。如果想对我们有更多了解,尤其是我们和其他豪华住宅建筑商及装修商的不同之处,请从上面的菜单选择。